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Black Tie Books is also a boutique publishing house that specializes in the lighter side of life.

Our Books

Déjà vu All Over Again

A romantic comedy about an aging, burned-out Hollywood screenwriter tired of being bitch-slapped by life. So he writes a script for himself about the life he should have, moves back home and uses it to start over with hilarious consequences as he plots to steal the heart of the girl he let get away in high school.

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The Patterer

Follow the meteoric rise and humiliating fall of history's first newscaster, a professional street patterer, in 1765 London. With the help of a zany cast of characters, Leeds Merriweather invents the live news performance and achieves fame and fortune before risking it all for the love of a married woman from the noble class of whose lust for sex is exceeded only by her lust to gossip about her peers. 

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Live at Five

A washed-up TV network correspondent lands in a small town, hires a topless dancer as a co-anchor, cuts a deal with a bank robber on a mission and manufactures a made-for-TV news crisis to resurrect his career. The result is a hilarious clash of sex, misdirected compassion and journalistic ethics.

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